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Lisa Young 
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The M Power Plan..

As a member of M you have the right to earn unlimited income. It is not a guarantee. Being a member of an entrepreneurial community like M requires hard work. Skill. Patience. And integrity. The rewards however, are worth it. It is up to each member to honestly and accurately represent the M business opportunity. Commissions to Members are paid when products or product packs are sold. Not for recruiting.

M products are highly consumable, easy to share and retail friendly. There are 4 ways to earn with M.

1) Retail Profits. Every customer who buys an M product from your website generates a commission paid to you. In addition, those customer orders count towards your personal volume requirements. By the way, your website and world class mobile enabled backoffice tools and training are included in your membership fee at no extra cost to you.

2) Fast Start Bonuses. Fast start bonuses are extra bonuses paid on certain starter packs and customer products. These bonuses help new Members get up and earning quickly. You can quickly earn over $1,500 in your first 30 days with our simple fast start plan.

3) The M Power Matrix TM is an incredible wealth building system. The details can be researched in the compensation plan PDF. However, the basics are as follows: It is a 2×9 forced matrix that allows for multiple positions and infinite depth. With a PV requirement as low as 60 PV Members can earn through their own efforts as well as the shared groups effort. Everyone working together to help each other.




Dr. J. Frederic Templeman Will Now Serve as Consultant and Medical Advisor to the M.Network

“Iam the “Mangosteen Doc” and I follow the mangosteen,” said Dr. Templeman

“For 15 years, I have been promoting the health value of the mangosteen. It is the only supplement which could have pulled me away from the day-to-day practice of medicine,” said Dr. J. Frederic Templeman. “I believe so strongly in the value of mangosteen for human health, that I will follow it wherever it is found in the most effective form for supplementation.”

Dr. Templeman will be the medical consultant for the M.Network. He will also serve on their medical advisory committee. “M will be my primary client, and the only company for whom I will speak, endorse products or make public appearances,” said Dr. Templeman. “With the liberty this collaboration with M allows me, I will do my best to provide personal service to any of the wonderful network marketers with whom I have been affiliated over the years, regardless of company affiliation.

Dr. Templeman is a licensed MD in the state of Utah with previous experience in Canada and abroad. He began utilizing mangosteen in his patients in 2001. He provided mangosteen to his most difficult patients, who had had adverse reactions to medication or suffered from conditions where medications were inadequate or unknown. All of the patients he studied, who completed his informal trial, reported benefits for their respective complaints. “The mangosteen so impressed me with its wide range of applications that I eventually replaced many medications with the supplement,” said Dr. Templeman. He believes the mangosteen to be the most powerful botanical anti-inflammatory in existence.
He is widely recognized for his work with mangosteen research. He is a published author with expertise in secondary research. Currently, he spends much of his time liaising with university researchers, helping them direct their research toward areas of concern in the medical spectrum.
The Mangosteen’s benefits spans a wide range of effects: anti-inflammatory (stronger than indomethacin), anti-microbial (against viruses, bacteria and fungi), anti-tumor (tested successfully against six chemotherapy agents), anti-aging, anti-fatigue, potent antioxidant effect, anti-atherosclerotic, antihistamine, and the list goes on!
The M Network Core AO product is loaded with mangosteen and has more mangosteen than any other mangosteen product on the market.
M’s CoreAO (antioxidant) boosts your immunity with the most powerful, disease-fighting super nutrients on the planet—mangosteen, acai, arginine, bilberry, grape seed extract, and catechins.
Dr. Templeman is familiar with most of the mangosteen products available in the marketplace. “I have looked at every product that has ever come out with mangosteen as the major element, and I had never been satisfied before that there was anything superior to what I had promoted and supported for years,” he said. “My whole career I have followed the best mangosteen product available
In his decision to join forces with M, he continued to research and analyze. “In my due diligence, I conducted the laboratory analyses necessary to ensure that the key mangosteen active ingredients were available in a product which delivered the greatest value for the money
Dr. Templeman is looking forward to this new partnership with the M. Network and the striking changes they are bringing to the industry. “They are inclusive, not exclusive, and I consider that to be the greatest policy innovation that has taken place in the network marketing industry in recent years.” He continued, “This company attracts distributors by satisfying the requirements of product excellence and distributor satisfaction.
Kerry Brown, CEO of M.Network, said, “Dr. T is the leading researcher in mangosteen which is the centerpiece of our Core•AO product, and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on board
For M Network product information please visit http://www.lyfwithlisa/com
For the company information and the membership opportunity http://opportunity.m.network/opportunity
Lisa Young
M Network Member
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Do you suffer with inflammation?

M’s CoreAO (antioxidant) boosts your immunity with the most powerful, disease-fighting super nutrients on the planet—mangosteen, acai, arginine, bilberry, grape seed extract, and catechins.
Core AO Ingredient Information

The Benefits of Core AO ~ Daily Nutrition

The Benefits of Core AO ~ Daily Nutrition

Looking to hydrate with daily immunity?

CoreAO (antioxidant) boosts your immunity with the most powerful, disease-fighting super nutrients on the planet—Mangosteen, acai, arginine, bilberry, grape seed extract, and catechins.

Packed with Super Nutrients, Loaded with Antioxidants Low Calorie, 100% Natural and an Unrivaled Taste

What Ingredients Are In Core AO

CoreAO (antioxidant) boosts your immunity with the most powerful, disease-fighting super nutrients on the planet—Mangosteen, acai, arginine, bilberry, grape seed extract, and catechins.


Can boost the immune system, decrease inflammation and even fight cancer. One Brazilian study even showed that an extract of mangosteen had both antimicrobial and anti-tumor abilities and therefore has therapeutic potential in treating infectious diseases

Grade Seed Extract

High Blood Pressure. The antioxidants, including flavonoids, linoleic acid, and phenolic procyanidins, in grape seed extract help protect your blood vessels from damage, which may help prevent high blood pressure


Promotes Heart Health. Similar to red wine, research shows that acai berries are extremely high in anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant that supports balanced cholesterol levels.


Catechins, a type of disease-fighting flavonoid and antioxidant, are the keys to tea’s health benefits


Nitric oxide is a powerful neurotransmitter that helps blood vessels relax and also improves circulation. Some evidence shows that arginine may help improve blood flow in the arteries of the heart. 


Bilberry has beneficial effects on many disorders from poor vision and diabetes to high cholesterol and blood pressure.

 Recently I severely injured my already arthritic knee and was diagnosed with having a torn meniscus. My knee was already bone-on-bone and on a scale of 1 to 10, my pain level was a 10. I heard of a new product that had mangosteen in it called Core AO. Having always being a “believer” in the power of mangosteen,I had to try it. My pain went from severe to moderate in just two days. After my 5th day, I can now walk again almost normally. Imagine what it will do for overall health.
Bandon Y 

About Core AO 

Did you know Mangosteen made the famous Dr. Oz’s top 5 super food list

Health Benefits of Mangosteen

March 31 2017

Mangosteen you say? What’s that, like a mango?

 No! It’s actually a really cool fruit that was banned in the U.S. until 2007 due to the belief that they harbored the Asian fruit fly! Mangosteen is among the fruits that are known to contain powerful antioxidants that are useful to the immune system and the entire body. These antioxidants contain cell boosters that are referred to as xanthones which contain various properties that have medicinal value. Mangosteen is regarded as a healing fruit which can be used to reverse the effects of diseases that were common, both in the past and today.

The mangosteen has long been valued for its juicy, delicate texture and unique flavor and has been cultivated in Southeast Asian countries such as Burma, India, Sumatra, Indochina, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. It’s a common household tree in Indonesia. It is a tropical plant which needs humidity, rainfall and cannot survive in long periods of drought.

Health benefits of mangosteen include reduced risk of inflammation, cancer, allergies and diabetes. It has antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial properties which help boosts immune system and heart health! This amazing super fruit is beneficial in maintaining healthy skin, weight management and providing relief from stomach disorders including diarrhea and dysentery and menstrual disorders.

This super fruit is rich in water, energy, protein, carbohydrate and fiber. Essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper and manganese are found in this fruit. It contains vitamins A,C, B6 and B12 which are required for maintaining good health.

 In regards to inflammation, which many agree is the source of many physical ailments, playing a huge role in many of today’s common ailments, including arthritis, headache, back pain and much more. According to Dr. Kenneth J. Finsand, author of the 2006 book: Mangosteen Desk Reference 2nd Edition: 82 Conditions that Respond to Mangosteen, “This is probably the most famous use of all the qualities found in the mangosteen: it is by far the most powerful anti-inflammatory I have ever seen in 30 years of practice.

 Research has proven this to be true, along with folk medicine history.”

(1) Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of mangosteen have been compared in strength to one of the most potent anti-inflammatory prescription drugs, Dexamethasone.

(2) Well, all that’s great, but what does it taste like? According to Fruits Info.com, the mangosteen has flavors that taste like a combination of strawberry, peach, vanilla ice cream; it is definitely sweet with a very slight sourness.

(3) It has long been known as the “Queen of Fruits.” . According to the New York Times, in the 1800s, Queen Victoria is said to have offered knighthood to anyone who brought her fresh mangosteens from Asia.

(4) Mangosteen fruits, which are either seedless or have one to five fully-developed seeds and are usually can be two to three inches in diameter. They have a thick rind surrounding four to eight fruit segments, similar to an orange. They are round and smooth, and dark-purple to red-purple in color depending on its ripeness. The triangular segments of soft flesh inside are white and juicy. The well respected Dr. Josh Axe even mentions in an artilcle that mangosteen can improve acne!

(5) And mangosteen makes the famous Dr. Oz’s top 5 superfood list in 2010!

(6) Unfortunately, fresh mangosteens aren’t always easily available in the U.S., but if you’re going to find them, your best bet is an Asian market or Whole Foods. You can also order fresh mangosteen online, but it’s a bit pricey. Luckily, there are some amazing supplements on the market where you can find an easy and delicious way to enhance your body with mangosteen!

 CoreAO (antioxidant) boosts your immunity with the most powerful, disease-fighting super nutrients on the planet—Mangosteen, acai, arginine, bilberry, grape seed extract, and catechins.

M Network Launches Industry’s First Great-Tasting Nootropic Beverage

M Network Launches Industry’s First Great-Tasting Nootropic Beverage

Brilliance Nootropics Reload

M Network ( SLC, UT) announces the launch of two Nootropic beverages.
 Nootropics, a class of dietary supplements (nous (mind) and tropic (altering or bending)  were originally formulated to help military pilots, graduate students, CEOs and entrepreneurs stay awake longer, focus better, and improve mental function.  Nootropics are becoming more widely used among the rest of the population to reach their peak mental performance without the jitters, crash and brain boosting ineffectiveness of traditional energy drinks.
The idea of Nootropics and smart drugs gained traction with Bradley Cooper’s movie “Limitless.” Although the movie is fictional, the idea of brain improving drugs and supplements started gaining popularity in some circles.

“We worked hard formulating and developing these great tasting products, and are proud of our all Nootropics, I believe we’ve found the sweet spot, our Nootropics taste great, are completely safe for consumers, can be customized to fit your personal needs, and are very reasonably priced.”

Kerry Brown, CEO of M Network said, “We worked hard formulating and developing these great tasting products, and are proud of our all Nootropics, I believe we’ve found the sweet spot, our Nootropics taste great, are completely safe for consumers, can be customized to fit your personal needs, and are very reasonably priced,” said Brown. “I’ve been experimenting with the idea of Nootropics for years now, and when we finalized these formulas, I knew we nailed it.”
M’s Science
Unlike other Nootropic delivery systems, M.Network uses only active ingredients without fillers. While Nootropics are taking off for mainstream consumption, it is important to sort out the junk science products from the true science formulations. M’s Nootropics are uniquely formulated for efficacy first, to ensure the best experience and optimum results. Their formula is a proprietary synergistic blend, meaning it’s not just about which ingredients are in the product but how they are stacked and interact with each other. “Due to M’s technological advancements, we are able to mask the flavors of ingredients like Huperzine A and other key nootropic ingredients, making the product effective and great-tasting,” said Scott Miller, head of Operations of IT. Through M’s proprietary RDT process, they were able to keep that essential ingredient intact while harnessing fresh pineapple and other natural flavors to deliver a true nootropic drink with unrivaled taste. M’s SMART•stik also uses Stevia, an all-natural plant based sweetener for mild sweetness with great taste.
M’s Key Nootropic Ingredients include:
  • Caffeine – shown to increase alertness, performance, and, in some studies, memory. Increases alertness in low dosages. Using Green Tea and Guarana for natural caffeine allows for a slower release and longer impact.
  • L-theanine – A 2014 study found that using L-theanine with caffeine has synergistic mental activity effects that promote alertness, attention, and task switching but these effects are most pronounced during the first-hour post-dose. – Camfield DA, Stough C, Farrimond J, Scholey AB (2014). “Acute effects of tea constituents L-theanine, caffeine, and Epigallocatechin Gallate on cognitive function and mood: a systematic review and meta-analysis.” Nutr. Rev. 72 (8): 507–22. doi:10.1111/nure.12120. PMID 24946991.
  • Bacopa Monnier- activates Choline Acetyltransferase or the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine directly implicated in numerous neurological functions including learning and memory. It also increases cerebral blood flow.
  • Ginseng – Varying effects in subjects with increases in accuracy of memory, speed in performing attention tasks and improvement in performing difficult mental arithmetic tasks, as well as a reduction in fatigue and improvement in mood.
  • Huperzine A- helps to prevent the breakdown of Acetylcholine, the learning transmitter. Helps Improves cognitive performance and maintain healthy brain function. This ingredient crosses the blood-brain barrier and is unbelievably potent at micrograms per effective dose. Stacks safely and effectively with other nootropics like L-theanine, and Bacopa.
  • Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract – Used in Chinese medicine since the 15th century as a cognitive enhancer.
  • Yerba Mate Extract – contains polyphenols such as the quercetin and rutin (both strong antioxidants).
This targeted nutrition is made possible with proprietary Rapid Defense Technology (RDT). RDT is a process of protecting the nutrients we use to deliver optimal products with no preservatives. This technology enables the products to more easily absorb into the bloodstream, have vivid flavors, reduce oxidation, preserve real aromas and easily dissolve. Through hydration and key nutrient delivery, M is enabling health and wellness.
All of M’s products are low or no calorie.  They believe that America’s obsession with sugar and high-calorie drinks is contributing to the obesity epidemic.
Customizable Nootropics
Rather than just bring out one Nootropic, M decided to launch two – SMART•stik for cognitive function, and SOUL•stik for mood. Many have harnessed the power of SMART and SOUL by stacking them together. The tropical taste of SOUL mixes perfectly with the pineapple in  SMART for a flavorful taste experience.
“SOUL has a beautiful, tropical fruit flavor that even kids love,” says Nate Farnsworth, head of M’s Member Support. SOUL utilizes ingredients like Ginko and Ginseng to help calm the nerves and brighten your day. SOUL provides an all-day focus with creativity and mood boosting effects.
SMART is an intense performance based brain burst. This STIK will provide three to four hours of pure focus with lingering focus throughout the day. It’s memory jogger and information retainer stacks are ideal for prepping for tests, getting through large rounds of paperwork or anything that you need to buckle down and get through.
Diana  said, “My teenager has suffered from anxiety her whole life. She has learned to manage it very well but it is still an issue during stressful times, such as major tests at school. A few weeks ago, during  testing, her anxiety kicked in and she failed it by one question.” Diana continued, “That is when I decided to give her a stack of SMART and SOUL. Four days and two tests later, she text me, ‘I feel great about my test,’ and she passed. As a mother, you have no idea what it was like seeing this difference. Thank you, M.Network.”
Uniquely Retail Ready
Unlike many direct sales products, M’s STIKs are retail ready – membership or autoship are not required to purchase STIKs. Each member has an innovative retail-ready website in which they can sell the products to anyone, making buying easier than ever. M wanted to ensure powerful benefits and great taste, as well as affordability. Member pricing for SMART•stiks is $1.30 per serving, and even cheaper when purchased in bulk. Retail pricing is $1.50 per serving. “That’s less than a cup of coffee and far less than traditional energy drinks.” Says Ryan Anderson, Chief Sales Officer of M Network. Not only is does it cost less than a cup of coffee but there is no crash or jitters like coffee and far more brain-boosting power than a typical energy drink with the added benefit of being all-natural. “We couldn’t be more excited about the future of Nootropics and to be honest all of our great tasting products.” Anderson continued, “I hear from customers every day. People love the taste, the immediate impact, and the great pricing – it’s such an easy sell.”
“Over the past four years, I’ve tried all sorts of biohacking techniques to optimize my days and perform at my best. The problem with most Nootropics on the market is while they help you feel at peak performance for a time, there is always a crash after,” said Luke Campbell. “I’m grateful for the balanced nootropic M.Network was able to create. It helps my focus without any sort of crash after. I highly recommend you try them.”
M is also launching “Brilliance Nootropic Reload” program where you can get 2 boxes of SMART and 1 Box of SOUL on BlueBox™ (M’s monthly delivery program). Members on BlueBox then get three boxes or 90 servings of our great tasting Nootropics for less than $1 per serving.  “Given the recent launch of the products and how much people love them, we felt it only appropriate to create a killer pack around these and make them even more affordable,” says Brown.  “We’re not sure how long we’ll be able to keep the prices this low, but for now, we just want to make these products available to anyone who wants them, and to not let price be an issue.”
For additional information on the big business of Nootropics, read this recent Forbes article.
For additional questions about M.Network or their Nootropic products contact Lisa Young

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Our philosophy is simple.

  1. Taste, smell or feel good.
  2. Be easy to share.
  3. Have an immediate impact.
  4. Be of premium quality.
  5. Sell at retail competitive price points
GO • Stik – Energy
SMART • Stik – Nootropic
SLIM • Stik – Appetite Supressant
CORE AO • Stik – Daily Nutrition
SOUL • Stik – Mood Enhancer
dot Many more coming soon!
“After years of wanting to, I was able to quit my job and explore being an entrepreneur with the Stik A Day program. It’s incredible being a business owner and the freedom I have now is invaluble!”

• Charles S.
“I tried it and was thinking just a few friends to join me. I was overwhelmed with the response, and now easily make enough for my car payment!”

• Lexie B.

 Making money has bever been easier!

“I always keep some in my purse, so when I’m at the gym or work I can easily and quickly drink one and share one. It’s perfect.”
• Isabella P.

M.Network launches with five targeted nutrition products featuring Rapid Defense Technology

“This is the Members’ company and we let our members lead the way,” said Kerry Brown. Disillusioned by the multitude of insincere and outdated opportunities, M was compelled to transform the realm of entrepreneurship while positively impacting the world. M is creating a network of the most passionate elite.
The five creators – Kerry Brown, Nate Farnsworth, Ryan Anderson, Will Pigg and Scott Miller- collectively bring more than 100 years of combined industry experience. They have built an innovative company that is disrupting the industry. After being disappointed with the standard and lack of real customer focused opportunities in direct sales companies, M decided to launch something unique with an unrivaled network, compensation plan and retail friendly products.

“This is the Members’ company and we let our members lead the way.”

A brand making a world impact
Astoundingly, 75% of Americans are dehydrated yet, proper hydration is at the core of every process in our body and is crucial to staying sharp and primed both mentally and physically. Additionally, the majority of Americans lack key nutrition. M•STIKs provide a heightened water experience through exceptional taste and targeted benefits. Incredible flavor, healthy and low-calorie supplements that go beyond just hydration.
Specific vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and other powerful ingredients are added to each formula for targeted health benefits–helping you get more out of your water! This targeted nutrition is made possible with proprietary Rapid Defense Technology (RDT). RDT is a process of protecting the nutrients we use to deliver optimal products with no preservatives. This technology enables the products to more easily absorb into the bloodstream, have livid flavors, reduce oxidation, preserve real aromas and easily dissolve. Through hydration and key nutrient delivery, M is enabling health and wellness.
M’s Product Philosophy
All products must:
  • Taste, smell or feel good
  • Be easy to share
  • Have an immediate impact
  • Be of premium quality
  • Sell at retail competitive price points
M•STIK line
“I love giving STIKs to somebody knowing that they’ll love it and it’s good for them,” said Ryan Anderson, Vice President of Sales. Each stik is carefully formulated to deliver target nutrition based on each person’s needs while providing an exceptional taste experience.
  • Core•AO – daily immunity
  • SOUL – mood enhancer
  • SMART – nootropic brain boost
  • GO – perfect energy
  • SLIM –  appetite control
M created an exclusive network of relationships in which everyone can win. M makes no apologies and there is no second story. There is no need to apologize because they offer affordable prices and life-impacting products. M is enabling every member to find success through unique sampling programs and innovative retail shopping sites. “Our Members can create a powerful retail business and grow their teams using the sampling tools and websites that each member has access to,” said Kerry Brown of the disruptive retail model.
M held a launch event for the members January 13-14 in Las Vegas, which amassed an in-person crowd of hundreds and thousands tuned in via the Facebook live stream.
About M.Network
M.Network is a new direct sales company based in Vineyard, UT. The company announced its launch on January 15, 2017, bringing to market five targeted nutrition products. Guided by unrivaled standards, M is an elite network of members integrating experiential world impacting products with unprecedented entrepreneurship. For more information on M.Network visit http://www.lyfwithlisa.com 
Lisa Young M Network Founding Member