Dr. J. Frederic Templeman Will Now Serve as Consultant and Medical Advisor to the M.Network

“Iam the “Mangosteen Doc” and I follow the mangosteen,” said Dr. Templeman

“For 15 years, I have been promoting the health value of the mangosteen. It is the only supplement which could have pulled me away from the day-to-day practice of medicine,” said Dr. J. Frederic Templeman. “I believe so strongly in the value of mangosteen for human health, that I will follow it wherever it is found in the most effective form for supplementation.”

Dr. Templeman will be the medical consultant for the M.Network. He will also serve on their medical advisory committee. “M will be my primary client, and the only company for whom I will speak, endorse products or make public appearances,” said Dr. Templeman. “With the liberty this collaboration with M allows me, I will do my best to provide personal service to any of the wonderful network marketers with whom I have been affiliated over the years, regardless of company affiliation.

Dr. Templeman is a licensed MD in the state of Utah with previous experience in Canada and abroad. He began utilizing mangosteen in his patients in 2001. He provided mangosteen to his most difficult patients, who had had adverse reactions to medication or suffered from conditions where medications were inadequate or unknown. All of the patients he studied, who completed his informal trial, reported benefits for their respective complaints. “The mangosteen so impressed me with its wide range of applications that I eventually replaced many medications with the supplement,” said Dr. Templeman. He believes the mangosteen to be the most powerful botanical anti-inflammatory in existence.
He is widely recognized for his work with mangosteen research. He is a published author with expertise in secondary research. Currently, he spends much of his time liaising with university researchers, helping them direct their research toward areas of concern in the medical spectrum.
The Mangosteen’s benefits spans a wide range of effects: anti-inflammatory (stronger than indomethacin), anti-microbial (against viruses, bacteria and fungi), anti-tumor (tested successfully against six chemotherapy agents), anti-aging, anti-fatigue, potent antioxidant effect, anti-atherosclerotic, antihistamine, and the list goes on!
The M Network Core AO product is loaded with mangosteen and has more mangosteen than any other mangosteen product on the market.
M’s CoreAO (antioxidant) boosts your immunity with the most powerful, disease-fighting super nutrients on the planet—mangosteen, acai, arginine, bilberry, grape seed extract, and catechins.
Dr. Templeman is familiar with most of the mangosteen products available in the marketplace. “I have looked at every product that has ever come out with mangosteen as the major element, and I had never been satisfied before that there was anything superior to what I had promoted and supported for years,” he said. “My whole career I have followed the best mangosteen product available
In his decision to join forces with M, he continued to research and analyze. “In my due diligence, I conducted the laboratory analyses necessary to ensure that the key mangosteen active ingredients were available in a product which delivered the greatest value for the money
Dr. Templeman is looking forward to this new partnership with the M. Network and the striking changes they are bringing to the industry. “They are inclusive, not exclusive, and I consider that to be the greatest policy innovation that has taken place in the network marketing industry in recent years.” He continued, “This company attracts distributors by satisfying the requirements of product excellence and distributor satisfaction.
Kerry Brown, CEO of M.Network, said, “Dr. T is the leading researcher in mangosteen which is the centerpiece of our Core•AO product, and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on board
For M Network product information please visit http://www.lyfwithlisa/com
For the company information and the membership opportunity http://opportunity.m.network/opportunity
Lisa Young
M Network Member
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